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 59th Limerick Bridge Congress 2023


Friday 13th October 


Premier Pairs         Best Men :- Peter Goodman & Dan MacIntosh

                             Best Mixed :-   Louise Mitchell & BJ O’Brien

                         Best Women:- Margaret Holmes & Bernie Tynne

                             2nd Mixed :- Mary Kelly Rogers & Danny Liddy


Novice Pairs           First :-          Helen Mulcahy & Catherine Murphy

                         Second:-      Clare Mulcahy & Eileen Mulcahy  

                             Third :-             Patsy Pearl & Eanna UiCeileachair


Inter B Pairs           First :-          Mary Galvin & Mary Woods


Gala Open          First :-          Angela Galligan & Mary McMahon

                                 Second :-     Esther Murphy & Betty Wallace

Helen Mulcahy & Catherine Murphy

1st Novice Pairs

Clare Mulcahy & Eileen Mulcahy

2nd Novice Pairs

Patsy Pearl & Eanna UiCeileachair

3rd Novice Pairs

Angela Galligan & Mary McMahon

1st Gala Open Pairs

Esther Murphy & Betty Wallace

2nd Gala Open Pairs

Mary Galvin & Mary Woods 

1st Intermediate B Pairs

Peter Goodman & Dan MacIntos

Premier Pairs Best Men

Margaret Holmes & Bernie Tynne

Premier Pairs Best Women

Louise Mitchell & BJ O’Brien

Premier Pairs Best Mixed

Saturday 14th October


Congress Pairs              First :-          Freddie Langford & Bernie Tynne

                                 Second :-     Gordon Lessells & Mark Burke

                                 Third :-             Sean Connor & Jim Doyle

                                 Best MA:-    Maura Foley & Ciaran Broadbery

                                 1st Session :- Louise Mitchell & Dan MacIntosh

                                 2nd Session:- Jeroen Lodewijks & Jason Doyle


Intermediate Pairs First :-      Philip Cretch & Anna Maria MacSweeney

                                 Second :-     Patsy Hanbury & Patsy Donoghue

                                 Third :-            Pat Dempsey & Melanie Hill

                                 Best B :-       David Hoyne & Phedra Kingston

                                 1st Session :- Joan McEnery & Camilla McLoughlin

                                 2nd Session :- Nora Gaire & Mary Neligan


Open Pairs Sat Aft  First :-          Anne Walsh & Anne Burke

                                 Second :-     Bernie O’Halloran & Frances O’Halloran


Open Pairs Sat Ngt First :-          Anne Walsh & Anne Burke

Freddie Langford & Bernie Tynne

1st Congress Pairs

Gordon Lessells & Mark Burke

2nd Congress Pairs

Sean Connor & Jim Doyle

3rd Congress Pairs

Maura Foley & Ciaran Broadbery

Congress Pairs Best Area Master

Jeroen Lodewijks & Jason Doyle

Congress Pairs 2nd Session  

Philip Cretch & Anna Maria MacSweeney

1st Intermediate Pairs

Patsy Hanbury & Patsy Donoghue

2nd Intermediate Pairs

Pat Dempsey & Melanie Hill

3rd Intermediate Pairs

David Hoyne & Phedra Kingston

Intermediate Pairs Best B

Joan McEnery & Camilla McLoughlin

Intermediate Pairs 1st Session

Nora Gaire & Mary Neligan

Intermediate Pairs 2nd Session 

Sunday 15th October


Congress Teams     First :-          Louise Mitchell, Dan MacIntosh, BJ O’Brien, Derek O’Gorman

                                 Second :-     Tim Gauld, Tom McCarthy, Alex Gauld, Angus Simpson

                                 Third :-             Maria Whelan, Kathleen Vaughan, Liz Jennings, Ruth O’Dea

                                 Best MR:-    Marion Coy, Deirdre McCoy, Kathy Monks, Nora Kelly


Open Pairs Sun Morn    First :-          Mary Lonergan & Bridie O’Reilly

                                 Second :-     Anne Walsh & Anne Burke


Open Pairs Sun Aft First :-          Mary Hall & Anne Hynes

        Second :-       Joan Duggan & Rita Cassidy

Louise Mitchell, Dan MacIntosh, 

BJ O’Brien & Derek O’Gorman

1st Congress Teams

Tim Gauld, Tom McCarthy,

Alex Gauld & Angus Simpson

2nd Congress Teams

Maria Whelan, Kathleen Vaughan, 

Liz Jennings & Ruth O’Dea

3rd Congress Teams

Marion Coy, Deirdre McCoy, 

Kathy Monks & Nora Kelly

Congress Teams Best Reg. Master